Food Cooperatives

Stephanie Bublitz on Food Insecurity and the Fort Collins Food Co-Op

CSU student, Kaitlyn Mixon, interviewed Stephanie Bulblitz from the management team at the Fort Collins Food Coop to learn more about how co-ops address food security in unique ways. The Fort Collins Food Cooperative is an inclusive community working to cultivate and celebrate an environmentally sustainable, socially fair, and economically vibrant local and global food system, through the cooperative business model.

Listen in and also find out when CSU students can get half-priced burritos!

The Fort Collins Food Coop is open MONDAY – FRIDAY 9AM – 7PM, SATURDAY & SUNDAY 10AM-6PM, and is located at  250 E. MOUNTAIN AVENUE, FORT COLLINS, CO.

Food Justice at Mountain Avenue Market

In this episode we explore how Fort Collins own Mountain Avenue Market is contributing to the community and food justice.

Sources include:

Interviews with ; Kate Caulfield, Emily Justman, Clay Rogers, and Emma Hanson are dispersed throughout.

Cover Art: Meredith Stern

Host: Meg Robinson

To learn more about the role of food co-ops, and cooperative businesses in general, and their role in creating more just food systems, take a look at CSU Professor Michael Carolan's book The Sharing Revolution: How Start-ups, Pop-ups, and Co-ops are Changing the Way We Eat

Photograph of book cover titled, "The Food Sharing Revolution: How SStart-Ups, Pop-ups, and Co-Ops are Changing the Way We Eat.

Interested in learning more about how cooperative businesses get started?

Take a look at the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union's Cooperative Development Center.