Food Cooperatives

Food Justice at Mountain Avenue Market

In this episode we explore how Fort Collins own Mountain Avenue Market is contributing to the community and food justice.

Sources include:

Interviews with ; Kate Caulfield, Emily Justman, Clay Rogers, and Emma Hanson are dispersed throughout.

Cover Art: Meredith Stern

Host: Meg Robinson

To learn more about the role of food co-ops, and cooperative businesses in general, and their role in creating more just food systems, take a look at CSU Professor Michael Carolan's book The Sharing Revolution: How Start-ups, Pop-ups, and Co-ops are Changing the Way We Eat

Photograph of book cover titled, "The Food Sharing Revolution: How SStart-Ups, Pop-ups, and Co-Ops are Changing the Way We Eat.

Interested in learning more about how cooperative businesses get started?

Take a look at the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union's Cooperative Development Center.