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Rivers Across Borders: Environmental Justice in the Rio Grande Basin

by Mindy Hill, Melinda Laituri, and Stephanie Malin

Image is a photograph of the Rio Grande River flanked by brown sand banks and green sage brush.


© 2021

Editors (view affiliations): Beth Schaefer Caniglia, Andrew Jorgenson, Stephanie A. Malin, Lori Peek, David N. Pellow, Xiaorui Huang

***AUTHOR EVENT: January 31, 2022 Free Webinar link here



© 2021

The Palgrave Handbook of Environmental Labour Studies

Editors (view affiliations) Nora Räthzel, Dimitris Stevis, David Uzzell

Stay tuned for webinar series coming in Spring, 2022!

Cover of book features image on top of a red dirt feild with two arcing lines and five people whose shadows reach toward the right hand side of the image. The bottom half of the cover is royal blue with the title and editors listed in white text.



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