Northern Colorado Food Justice Toolkit Logo
Food justice poster

The purpose of this toolkit it to encourage and facilitate the education of students and the community more broadly on issues of food justice and provide opportunities to get involved in the food justice movement. We hope to provide connections between students and food-related resources on campus and locally. This is grounded in student knowledge and understanding in order to engage with the student body at CSU.

With this Toolkit, students will be able to see the need for justice in food access and food-work as well as to recognize and combat injustices concerning food workers and agriculture workers as social justice issues.

While toolkits exist to inform readers on what food justice is, there are not as many place-based, local, and specific toolkits that focus on a certain population. That is why we wanted to create something that was by students, for students, and based in the Northern Colorado food system. Additionally, we wanted to create a living document that was accessible and which assists those on campus in order to educate and provide problem-solving opportunities for issues surrounding food justice and environmental sustainability.

In collaboration with the Center for Science Communication, creative projects from students in Jamie Folsom’s JTC319 class in the Spring of 2022 have been included.

Photograph of students who helped put together the NOCO Food Justice Toolkit.

JTC319 Class, with the Center for Environmental Justice team that worked on putting this toolkit together.